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Crimmigration is the intersection of criminal law and immigration law. If you are undocumented or a legal permanent resident, a criminal charge and disposition that seems good in court may have immigration consequences, including deportation. You need an aggressive attorney to fight your charges.

If you’re facing immigration consequences because of a criminal accusation, reach out to Law Offices of Anastacio De La Cruz for serious defense. We have extensive experience handling these types of matters, and our Indio crimmigration attorney will be with you from beginning to end, helping with your case.

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What Is Crimmigration?

Traditionally, criminal law and immigration law have been treated as separate and distinct areas of law, with little to no crossover. However, over the past 30 years or so, several significant changes to the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA) have blurred the line between the two – to the point that any non-citizen accused of a criminal offense should assume that the charge may carry some type of immigration consequence.

Since 2001, the number of people deported as a result of a criminal conviction has increased by 317%. In 2015, 91% of people deported were removed after a criminal conviction. Many of those convictions were for relatively minor offenses.

Indio attorney Anastacio De La Cruz practices what has become known as crimmigration – the intersection of criminal law and immigration law. His goal in crimmigration cases is to avoid immigration consequences by working toward resolving the case in criminal court, to keep the accused in the United States with their families and loved ones.

How Can Our Indio Crimmigration Attorney Help You?

In a criminal matter, the elements of crimes and rules of evidence are the same for citizens and non-citizens alike. The consequences are not. If you or your loved one is a United States citizen, the case analysis and strategy is easier, as immigration consequences do not need to be considered.

If you’re not a U.S. citizen, meaning you’re a legal permanent resident or undocumented, a conviction could result in outcomes different from those of a U.S. citizen.

At Law Offices of Anastacio De La Cruz, we can help you in the following ways:

  • Prevent deportability. Those who are legal permanent residents (LPR) should be concerned if they are accused of a criminal offense. Under INA Section 237(a)(2), USC 1227(a)(2), certain convictions might make a person removable. Crimes involving moral turpitude, drug offenses, and domestic violence charges, among others, may result in this consequence. Additionally, certain types of crimes deemed in criminal court to be aggravated felonies, which are not necessarily felonies in criminal court, can disqualify the LPR from almost all forms of relief. The primary concern in these types of cases is to resolve the criminal charge in a way that avoids a conviction that will make the LPR deportable. When we take on a crimmigration case in Indio, we carefully look at the individual’s immigration status and previous criminal records to create “safe havens” – resolutions that do not lead to removal proceedings. Alternatively, we seek to preserve some form of relief in immigration court.
  • Preserve Admissibility. Under INA Section 212(a)(2), 8 USC 1182(a)(2), certain criminal convictions will make an undocumented non-citizen inadmissible. This means certain convictions will make a person ineligible to receive lawful permanent status. Additionally, a spouse, parent, or child will not be able to petition for those who have been convicted of specific offenses – regardless of how long the non-citizen/non-legal permanent resident has lived in the United States. When providing representation for these types of matters, our Indio crimmigration attorney will analyze the case, keeping in mind actual and potential immigration consequences. At all phases of the proceedings, we will attempt to eliminate or lessen these consequences.
  • Post-Conviction Relief. Unfortunately, many non-citizens may not realize that they should have hired a crimmigration attorney until after their criminal case has been resolved and risk being deported or being disqualified from gaining lawful permanent status. The good news is that a crimmigration lawyer may be able to help. Exploring different post-conviction forms of relief, our attorney at Law Offices of Anastacio De La Cruz may be able to reopen your case and work toward a favorable resolution. Important to note is that a 1203.4 motion, commonly known as an expungement, does not provide much, if any, benefit in immigration court.

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